The Peripheral Vision collages work within a space where daily life is built and interacts with a pre-established rational system. My interest here was to create a set of studies that construct a view of the street intersections I am familiar with on a daily basis by isolating its commercial signage. Overlaid on top of gridded paper, they allude to a conformity within a singular perspectival system constantly broken by the forms constructed above. The collage elements themselves do not conform to a single perspective view, making an overall form that is self-conscious of its multiplicity of sources and views. This multiplicity of physical locations also alludes to a multiplicity of cultural sources that interact with each other in ways never intended in such close proximity but do so anyway through the necessities brought about in the global context. The small scale of the works is a means of bringing a sense of intimacy between the work and the viewer. This series relates to a diary entry of sorts, a mediation on daily life, the significance of signs and a personal filtering of events.