The phrase Cada Ocho Dias refers to a common way of saying “in a week” in Spanish, which literally translates to eight days. Each collage then refers to a single day in this “eight day week.” This way of referring to a week as eight days is so often repeated but the source of the phrase is unknown.There is a poetic level added to the work stemming from a linguistic inconsistency that alludes to an impossibility of encapsulating experience into standards of measurement. This experience is one of becoming; a state of being informed by a past physically separated from one’s self while also constantly looking towards a future through relating oneself to the new surroundings. Fragments of sky are replaced with photos of community scenes as the series progresses, where sky stands in as an allegory for aspiration. The progression aestheticizes the adaptation to new surroundings as “filling in” spaces created by aspiration and post-diasporic identity building, where the material realization of immigrant dreams moves from an emphasis on moving to a land of opportunity to an emphasis on a daily struggle necessary to accomplish those dreams.