Altiplano (2019) is a continuous sound loop compiled from altered recordings taken from Luis Donaldo Colosio’s iconic March 6, 1994 speech addressing the Mexican people towards progress, as well as from the 1990 Narco Cinema classic La Camioneta Gris. The piece serves as a response to the nostalgia surrounding the 25th anniversary of Colosio’s assassination, and the feeling of a lost future subsequently resonating within the contemporary Mexican consciousness. The title and sonic treatment of the source audio references the constantly shifting geopolitical landscape of the Mexican Drug War. Cartel territories have superimposed their jurisdiction over official municipality and state borders, flattening the affected regions into networks of interlaced crime groups and governments. The global reach of these networks have found their way into European club life, supplying the continent with the grand majority of its cocaine supply amongst other substances. Altiplano was included as part of a group exhibition at the nightclub FLUC + FLUC_WANNE in Vienna.

Altiplano handout